State voters sour on high-speed rail


SACRAMENTO -- Public support continues to lag for California’s $68-billion bullet train, a centerpiece of Gov. Jerry Brown’s long-term vision for the state.

Though California voters approved nearly $10 billion in state bonds to pay for the first phase of the project, a new survey from the Public Policy Institute of California found that they remain divided over the proposal, which is scheduled to begin construction later this year.

Just 43%of likely voters surveyed now say they favor the project, while 54% said they are opposed.


Despite waning public support and threats from Republicans in Congress to cut future funding for the plan, Brown continues to champion the project. Earlier this week, the state’s high-speed rail authority authorized the sale of $8.6 billion in bonds that will help fund the first segment of the railway, linking the Central Valley cities of Madera and Bakersfield.

You can see the entire poll here.


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