Indicted Sen. Yee promises in voter guide to 'prevent corruption'

SACRAMENTO -- State Sen. Leland Yee, who was indicted recently for accepting payments for favors, promises in an official ballot guide arriving at voters' homes this week to “expose special interests, and prevent corruption.”

Yee wrote the candidate statement for the voter guide before his March 26 arrest by federal authorities who have also accused him of conspiracy to traffic in firearms.

The San Francisco Democrat paid to include the statement in voter guides as part of a candidacy for secretary of state that he has since abandoned. His name remains on the ballot and his promise to voters is included in the voter guide sent out Thursday by state elections officials.

In the statement, Yee touts his authorship of a law that allows Californians to register to vote online.

“Under the Constitution, the Secretary of State's job is to empower Californians to govern California, to guarantee fair elections, expose special interests, and prevent corruption. I am the Democrat who will represent everyone. I hope to be your Secretary of State,” Yee wrote.

He also touted his other accomplishments before he was suspended by the Senate.

“When Sarah Palin was paid to speak at California State University, I uncovered where the money came from and authored a law to stop government agencies from hiding how they spend your tax dollars. It's your California. I fought to end tuition discrimination against immigrant college students so these DREAMers can pursue the American Dream. It's your California. Together we won the struggle for marriage equality,” Yee wrote.


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