Watch live: Trump addresses nation after Iran missile attack on bases in Iraq

Trump addresses nation on Iran airstrikes

President Trump addressed the nation Wednesday morning after a barrage of ballistic missiles launched by Iran that targeted at least two military bases used by U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq.

Despite threats to launch a crushing retaliation, President Trump refrained from ordering a counterattack after Iran fired 15 missiles at U.S. forces.

The U.S. has not confirmed any casualties from the attack on bases in northern and western Iraq, according to Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman.

The missiles hit the Assad Air Base, one of the largest U.S. facilities in Iraq, which houses both Iraqi and U.S. forces, in western Iraq.


They also struck a base in Irbil, in the Kurdish-governed north of the country. Both bases were already on high alert, Hoffman said, as U.S. forces braced for Tehran’s retaliation over the U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Suleimani on Friday in Baghdad.

Iran launched a series of missile attacks aimed at bases in Iraq. Iranian state television said the missiles were launched as the opening of Tehran’s “revenge” for the U.S. killing of a top Iranian general.