Trump pulled from news conference after shooting outside White House

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Trump pulled from news conference after shooting outside White House

A Secret Service officer shot and wounded a man outside the White House grounds on Monday, officials said, although it wasn’t clear whether the individual had sought to attack the president.

The Secret Service said that neither the president nor his family had been in danger, and that both the officer and the man were taken to a local hospital. The shooting occurred about a block from the front of the White House.

The incident forced President Trump to abruptly exit his own news conference and move to the Oval Office, although he returned to the White House briefing room after several minutes.


“It was outside of the White House. Somebody was taken to the hospital. It was the suspect who was shot,” Trump told reporters.

Posting on Twitter, the Secret Service confirmed “an officer-involved shooting” outside the White House. It later added that an officer and “a male subject” were both taken to a hospital.

“At no time during this incident was the White House complex breached or were any protectees in danger,” the agency tweeted.

The Secret Service is charged with protecting the president and his family, as well as other top officials and the White House complex, which is surrounded by heavy fencing and a phalanx of security officers.

Trump and Secret Service officials did not offer other key details, including whether the officer was shot or injured in a scuffle. The other person was not identified, and officials did not release any details of their injuries or condition.

“It’s unfortunate that this is the world, but the world has always been a dangerous place,” Trump said, while thanking the Secret Service.

Earlier, Trump had just begun speaking to reporters when he was interrupted by an apparent Secret Service officer, who spoke to Trump in a whisper. Reporters at the White House were ordered not to leave.

Trump said he was kept in the Oval Office until he was told it was safe to return to the briefing room.