Senate tees up vote on Eric Garcetti’s nomination to be ambassador to India

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti delivers his State of the City address
Former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
(Al Seib / Los Angeles Times)

Nearly two years after President Biden nominated him to be ambassador to India, former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti may finally get a confirmation vote in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Thursday set up the process of holding a vote on Garcetti’s nomination as soon as next week as the former mayor’s chances of confirmation grow increasingly positive.

Since Biden nominated him in July 2021, Garcetti’s nomination has been stalled over questions about whether he should have known that a top City Hall aide was allegedly sexually harassing colleagues.

Several Senate Republicans said they would oppose Garcetti’s nomination and even some Democrats seemed unsure.

Garcetti’s prospects for confirmation grew after the November midterm elections, in which Democrats boosted their Senate ranks by one vote.


In addition, with the House in GOP hands, Senate Democrats are focusing less on legislation and more on approving nominations, including controversial ones that will burn up more time on the Senate floor.

In recent months, Senate Democrats have argued that India is too important of a country to continue to go without an ambassador.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday advanced Garcetti’s nomination to the full Senate.

Two Republicans, Sens. Todd Young of Indiana and Bill Hagerty of Tennessee, joined Democrats in favor, a good sign for Garcetti’s chances on the floor.