Recognizing Southern California’s Frontline Heroes with ‘Salute to Nurses’


Dear Readers,

Los Angeles Times B2B Publishing is proud to present “Salute to Nurses,” a special section that pays tribute to all the courageous individuals working in area hospitals and care centers.

To recognize and honor these unsung nurses for their selflessness, we asked Los Angeles Times subscribers to submit the name of a nurse they know who has gone above and beyond to repeatedly answer the bell.

In these pages, we let their colleagues, friends and family sing their praises and provide a brief glimpse into the person behind the mask and face shield. And with their permission, we’ve published their photos when available.

We thank everyone in these pages, as well as all the nurses out there, for what they do, day in and day out. We appreciate you and are eternally grateful.

- The L.A. Times B2B Publishing Team