California Health Experts Recommend all Adults Receive a COVID-19 Vaccine Booster

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In November of 2020, the concept of a vaccine for the coronavirus was still months away, lockdowns were almost universal, and America’s seniors were often lying awake at night wondering if life would ever feel “normal” again.

Thankfully, just a few months later, emergency approval for not one, but two vaccines occurred, and mass inoculations began. By late February, a third vaccine also received emergency use authorization, giving people the option of receiving either a one- or two-shot vaccine.

Now, one year removed from that second lockdown and some of the darkest days of the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control is offering advice and guidance on receiving a booster shot to further protect against the coronavirus. The boosters, equally as proven and safe as the initial COVID vaccine regimen, are recommended for all California adults over 18, as of November 12. The CDC had not released definitive guidance on boosters for teens and children at the time of printing, but all signs point to boosters being available to all after further testing is done.

For those who initially received the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine, the CDC recommends a booster. A huge benefit to boosters is that research has shown that any of the three approved vaccines can be mixed with no danger, so any available booster shot will increase protection from the virus.

The LA County Department of Public Health, along with other regional county health departments, is available to aid in finding booster locations for seniors and those approved to receive a booster, either by appointment or at a walk-in clinic. In many cases, you can get the booster the same day, so long as it’s been six months since your last dose of the vaccine.

The COVID-19 booster vaccine may prove to be a seasonal dosage, whether it comes through a shot, the in-the-works COVID pill, or other means. Just like an annual flu shot, getting the vaccine booster guarantees the worst symptoms of the virus are lessened, and is easy insurance against illness or death. If you qualify, book an appointment with your county’s health department or your health provider today.