‘Light Beam’ shines on Laguna Beach City Hall

Crews on Saturday put the finishing touches on a colorful sculpture that will greet visitors to Laguna Beach City Hall for the next few months.

On Friday, workers placed 12-foot-tall aluminum circles, partially wrapped in fabric of varying colors, on the facility’s front lawn at 505 Forest Ave., a Los Angeles-based design and technology company, developed the sculpture, titled “Light Beam,” which will be on display for two months.

People will be able to walk through the circles as the sculpture is designed to be interactive, as if stepping into a kaleidoscope, Cultural Arts Manager Sian Poeschl told the Daily Pilot in December.


LED lights will illuminate the fabric while a computer program will control the lights’ brightness levels.

“We want audiences to think of public art in all its forms and hope that this pilot program is just the start,” Poeschl said at the time.

The project aligns with one of the goals of the city’s Cultural Arts Plan, which the council approved in March 2016.

One of the plan’s goals is providing accessible and informal year-round arts activities throughout the city, such as small-scale theatrical and musical performances and temporary installations such as “Light Beam.”


The Arts Commission recommended the sculpture to the City Council, which unanimously approved the piece in December. The Planning Commission then granted a temporary use permit.

The city will spend $26,900 of the Arts Commission’s program budget to cover construction, installation and removal of the sculpture.

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