UFC Gym opening signature facility in H.B.

UFC Gym will open a new location in Huntington Beach later this year.

The 42,000-square-foot facility — one of the largest in the franchise — at 17091 Beach Blvd. will include strength and cardio equipment, group classes, a kid’s gym, cafe, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu studio, a dry sauna and free valet parking.

The gym, expected to open in the fall, will also feature the Octagon, a 30-foot fighting ring similar to the arena seen in UFC, which stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“We’re going to have everything that other clubs have in regards to equipment, but we’re going to have a little bit more high-energy music playing and we’re going to have a lot of different functional training,” said Adam Sedlack, UFC Gym president. “It intersects how UFC athletes train in these multiple disciplines and what people do in regular fitness.”

Sedlack, who previously worked for 24 Hour Fitness, said the UFC Gym franchise is different from other gyms because it offers a similar training regime as UFC competitors.


“An individual goes in there and works their butt off to get in the best possible shape,” he said. “It includes all these multiple disciplines like jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and boxing. But more importantly, there’s this community of people helping that person get to their personal best. That community effect is what makes a UFC athlete different.”

He added the gym, which will be open 24 hours daily, is all-inclusive and welcoming for first-timers and seasoned athletes.

“The expert athletes motivate the beginners,” Sedlack said. “It brings the community all together.”

Sedlack described Surf City as an ideal location for a UFC Gym because it is an “active community.”

There are more than 130 UFC Gyms around the world, including about 12 signature clubs, which are larger. Huntington Beach’s will be UFC’s only signature facility in Orange County.

Prior to the opening, the gym is hosting a preview center at 16732 Beach Blvd. where visitors can learn about the amenities and sign up for memberships.


Brittany Woolsey,

Twitter: @BrittanyWoolsey