Just in Time for Fall: Autumn Fattoush Salad with Brussels Sprouts and Delicata Squash

Fattoush Salad
Fresh autumn vegetables and crisp pita accentuate this delicious fall dish.

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Fall (insofar as it can be called that in Southern California) is upon us, and while the weather might not always participate fully in creating cozy nights, autumn and winter produce are plentiful.

Consider the delicata squash: fancy in appearance and delicious in flavor. While it’s a cousin to the familiar longneck yellow squash and ubiquitous zucchini, delicata offers a more subtly sweet flavor, and, as the name implies, a creamy, “delicate” bite – there’s no need to peel the outside skin; it’s very thin.

Autumn Fattoush Salad with Brussels Sprouts and Delicata Squash

Fattoush is the bread salad of the Middle East, with lots of bright herbs and tart sumac. Our fall version is a celebration of peak season produce, with roasted Brussels and sweet delicata squash.

Roasting this variety of squash imparts even more sweet flavor. In this recipe, that is balanced by tart sumac. While many Western kitchens don’t have sumac typically on hand, it’s very common in the Middle East, where it’s used for everything from a dry rub for meats to coating Mediterranean veggies like eggplant.

To complement the squash, try the king of autumn veggies, featured ubiquitously on appetizer menus for the last 10 years. That’s right, it’s the humble Brussels sprout. Having received a complete and total makeover from innovative chefs, the veggie, once the subject of every child’s temper tantrum, is now ever popular in a way that could scarcely be conceived a decade ago – it’s impossible to think of people believing it would be enhancing a mac n’ cheese dish rather than destroying it. The secret is roasting. The heat caramelizes the sugars while retaining a delightful bite, all while preventing overcooking – too much heat creates the squishy, bitter mess that many remember from their childhoods.


Next, to take the recipe from side dish to mains: Pita. The staple carb, coming aside anything from Armenian roast chicken to encircling a halal kebab, creates a unique “bread salad” component to the mix. Best of all, it’s delightfully crisped in a hot oven to provide a differential bite – think a delicate crouton, sans any of the gum-chipping shards.

The rest is as simple as combining fresh herbs like mint and parsley, a crumble of feta cheese, and finally, a roasted scallion vinaigrette. The dressing is simple to prepare – toss the scallions in to just beyond wilt while roasting the squash and Brussels, then mix with a simple proportion of olive oil, red wine vinegar, a touch of Dijon mustard, salt and pepper. The result is a tangy, onion-forward topping that does not overpower the delicateness of the delicata. See the recipe.

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