Diamondbacks CEO does Trump spoof on Dodger fans: ‘despicable,’ ‘vile’

Come on now, laugh a little.

You have to hand it to Derrick Hall, always known for his sense of humor and great impersonations while the Dodgers vice president of communications, he’s been able to keep the funny bone even while now relegated to the lowly job of president and CEO of the Diamondbacks.

At the Diamondbacks annual awards show last week, Hall did a spot-on Donald Trump imitation, complete with bad wig. Only instead of lambasting Mexicans, Hall went after the Dodgers. No, check that, he went after their fans.

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All in good humor, of course.

“We are going to build a wall. It’s going to be a huuuge wall to keep ’em out. These are not good people,” Hall-Trump said in a faux press conference. “They are dirty, smelly, rotten, disgusting, disgusting people.”

Asked by a supposed member of the press exactly who he’s talking about, Hall-Trump said:

“I’m talking about the most despicable, evil, vile people. They’re dirty, disgusting. They wear the things on their heads, the offensive colors … everybody knows who I’m talking about – the Dodger fan. About as vile a group as you could ever see.”

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Added Hall-Trump: “I’m tired of being politically correct. Enough with the political correctness. Just get them out.”

After identifying – wait for the surprise now – the Diamondbacks as the team he was a fan of, he said: “These people are good. They like me. I like them. They have a president there, Derrick Hall. This team is huuuge, they’re fantastical, they’re enormous. Their president is funny, he’s smart, he’s good-looking – not as good-looking as me, but he’s still a good-looking guy. I’m telling you, they’re really on to something.”

Of course, some would argue the Diamondbacks already built a wall to keep Dodgers fans out since owner Ken Kendrick has asked fans wearing Dodgers paraphernalia behind home plate and captured on TV telecasts to change out of their gear.

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The Diamondbacks have been trying to drum up a rivalry with the Dodgers for years, and maybe with their signing of Zack Greinke and Hall’s Trump spoof, they have. At least with their own fans.

But you have to laugh along with Hall. It's just a little hard to imagine Dodgers President and CEO Stan Kasten donning the bad wig and doing a Trump impersonation.

And thanks to Roberto Baly for pointing out the link.


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