Dodgers Dugout: Breaking down the Game 6 loss

A tough night for Clayton Kershaw.
(Jamie Squire / AFP/Getty Images)

Hi, my name is Houston Mitchell, and welcome to another edition of Dodgers Dugout. Today is not a good day.

Game 6 thoughts

--The Cubs are a better team than the Dodgers, who picked a bad time to play below their capabilities.

--It’s easy to be mad at some of the more obnoxious Cubs fans out there, but when you see interviews like the women whose husband died a few months ago, crying because she wishes he was here to see this, you realize that for a lot of people, yesterday was a very special day.


--The Dodgers haven’t been in a World Series since 1988. The only teams with longer droughts:  Seattle and Washington (never), Pittsburgh (1979), Milwaukee (1982) and Baltimore (1983).

--I wonder what Steve Bartman is thinking today.

--Joe Buck could barely call the final inning through his tears of joy.

--If you are looking for a breakdown of what changes the Dodgers will make, I’m going to wait a few days, once the emotions have settled down. There are definite improvements this team can make, but it’s never a good idea to make assessments when you are disappointed.


--All series long, I’m hoping for Andrew Toles to get more playing time, then he goes and makes that error.

--In fact, the Dodger defense seemed to be feeling a lot of pressure the last three games.

--Clayton Kershaw’s continued struggle in elimination games is just more testament to how amazing Sandy Koufax was.

--What else is left to say? I’ll be back a day or two after the World Series to discuss what the off-season holds for the Dodgers. Should they re-sign Kenley Jansen and Justin Turner? We’ll get into all of that and more. Until then, thanks for subscribing and thanks for reading.


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And finally

Wait till next year.

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