Inquiring Dodgers fans ask: Who is Mark Walter? [Web links]

Keep wondering. Ever tried a Google search on this guy? You’d find more info on the local winner of the fifth-grade science fair.

Mark Walter, apparently, is the main man behind Guggenheim Baseball Management’s purchase of the Dodgers. It would be nice to feel good about Walter after the harrowing experience of Frank McCourt as owner, but Walter is apparently so private it’s hard not to be nervous.

He’s an ex-lawyer, which automatically makes most nervous. He lives in Chicago. He has a lot of money, but people seem to be wildly guessing how much. Nothing particularly negative has jumped out.


The Times made an effort to flush out the Walter story this weekend, and although there is some better background material and most describe him as a decent guy, it’s hard not to come away still feeling as if you don’t know the guy.

Of course, some thought they knew the McCourts after they first arrived too.

-- The Times’ Jim Peltz thinks James Loney may have found his stroke.

-- Roxanna Green will sign copies of her book “As Good As She Imagined” in the right-field merchandise tent before Monday’s game against the Braves and during the first three innings. Her daughter, 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Green, was killed in last year’s shooting spree in Tucson.

-- Matt Kemp was not named the National League player of the week for the first time this season (Atlanta’s Freddie Freeman was), but outfielder Alex Castellanos was named the Pacific Coast League player of the week after batting .440 with four home runs and eight runs batted in.

-- Ross Newhan thinks it would be some role reversal if Peter O’Malley were to buy the Padres.

-- Well, it’s about time: The Dodgers finally have an official ginseng beverage, Mr. Pink Ginseng Drink.


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Inquiring Dodgers fans ask: Who is Mark Walter? [Web links]