Inquiring Dodgers fans want to know: Where is Magic Johnson?

Where’s Magic Johnson been?

You know, the supposed face of the new Dodgers ownership group. The guy who repeatedly promised he’d be at Dodger Stadium every single day.

Only, of course, he hasn’t been at the stadium every day. He’s hardly been there at all. In the two months Guggenheim Baseball Management has owned the team, he’s taken in a ballgame maybe a half-dozen times.

So where’s he been?

He’s been in Bristol, Conn. He’s been in New York. He’s been in the French Riviera. He’s been really busy, because he’s a really busy man and has been ever since he retired from the NBA.


Which just makes you wonder exactly where the Dodgers fit into his personal priority list. He led us to believe that they would be his No. 1 business concern, his new consuming passion, but early on, it hasn’t worked out that way.

Individually, each of the activities that have taken him away from the Dodgers is understandable. Collectively, however, they leave a nervous, uncomfortable feeling.

He continued his NBA analyst work for ABC and ESPN. He launched his own TV network, Aspire. He launched his own prepaid credit card, the Magic card. And when the NBA Finals were over, he went on vacation to Morocco and St. Tropez.

The cable channel and prepaid credit card were in the works long before he became a minority owner of the Dodgers. And everyone should get a vacation, and no doubt he earned his. Apparently a post-NBA Finals vacation is something of a tradition.

But maybe it shouldn’t have been this year, not after so much talk and hubris about taking over the Dodgers and how hard he was going to work and how much dedication he was going to give the job.

If you say those things and then are almost invisible for two months, it makes people wonder -- at a time when Dodgers fans should not be left to wonder.

Is Magic Johnson just doing too many things? Is his focus just too divided to give the Dodgers the attention he claimed he would? Is he really only the face of the team?

Two months in, and people have noticed that Magic hasn’t been around. And it has to make them wonder.


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