Dodgers’ nightmare scenario: Giants are on the move

The Giants are coming! The Giants are coming!

All giddy with excitement are you?

Ugh, the Dodgers have hit their first skid of the season at the same time the Giants are starting to play their best baseball. Talk about lousy timing.

The Dodgers have lost five consecutive games, enabling the Giants to cut a lead that was a season-high 7½ games down to four.


Things were getting a tad frustrating up in the Bay Area as the Giants started playing well, but with the Dodgers continuing to roll even without Matt Kemp, unable to put a dent in the National League West standings.

Now the Dodgers look a lot like a team playing with its B lineup, while the fans are starting to get just a little excited in the Halloween-colored land by the bay.

San Francisco Chronicle columnist Bruce Jenkins already smells blood in the water, predicting that by the time Kemp returns, the Giants will have caught the Dodgers and “I’d venture to say if Tim Lincecum’s starts become an uplift, instead of a drag, the Giants win the division with ease.”

There are nightmare scenarios, and then there are visions of the Giants dancing on the Dodgers’ grave.

Maybe the Dodgers do fade into the team most suspected they were before the season started — plain mediocre — but just maybe they’ve earned enough respect to see how they come out of this.

It’s not exactly an encouraging when you look and see Adam Kennedy batting fifth, as he is Saturday in Denver, but this is their first true losing streak of the season, and I believe even great teams like the San Francisco Giants go through losing periods.

The Dodgers are an imperfect team, much like the Giants and every other team in the National League, but even reeling still own baseball’s best record. As the game’s followers are fond of saying, it’s a marathon and consists of surges and pratfalls.

At this point, if the Dodgers do ultimately stumble it would be disappointing, but not nearly as painful as if falling to any other team. Even if, you know, they win with ease.



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