Dodgers want to add Korean-language radio broadcasts this season

The Dodgers are not only planning to add a Korean-language TV broadcast next season, but they also are looking at adding Korean-language radio broadcasts, possibly as soon as the coming season, a source said.

The Dodgers are reacting mostly to interest generated in Southern California’s Korean community by the addition of starting pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu, who is attempting to become the first Korean to go directly to the major leagues.


The left-hander is currently scheduled to be part of the Dodgers’ starting rotation this season. He cannot be sent down to the minors without his approval.

Should Ryu unexpectedly falter plans could change, but the Dodgers are currently exploring the options for broadcasting the games he starts and select others in Korean.

The Dodgers have already said they plan to broadcast televised games in three languages when their new contract with Time Warner Cable starts next season.


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