Will Dodgers bring back Michael Young to provide infield help?

Infielder Michael Young batted .314 with four RBIs in 53 plate appearances last season for the Dodgers.
(Dustin Bradford / Getty Images)

The Dodgers’ off-season maneuvering is more down to the fine-tuning than meeting glaring needs. Sure, they’re interested in Masahiro Tanaka and would listen on David Price. They’d listen to a lot of things.

But a real need is something else, and the only thing they could really use right now is a utility infielder.

Gone are Nick Punto and Skip Schumaker. To the booth has moved Jerry Hairston Jr. Long gone is Luis Cruz.


Maybe Dee Gordon can become that guy or we really should take General Manager Ned Colletti seriously when he talks about weak-hitting minor leaguer Miguel Rojas.

But with the Dodgers apparently planning on going into spring training with completely untested Cuban Alexander Guerrero as their starting second baseman, they very much need a backup infielder.

Which brings them back to Michael Young?

Colletti said Friday the Dodgers remain in contact with the veteran infielder, and this late in the game he’s looking about as good a candidate as anyone.

Young has played all four infield positions. At age 37, he’s not playing them at a high level, but he’s what some might term solid. Some might term it something less. Young did hit .314 in 51 late-season at-bats for the Dodgers, though with almost no power.

Other teams -- such as the Rockies, Nationals, Brewers -- have shown some interest in Young, but it’s uncertain whether he wants to play in a reserve role or even wants to continue playing at all. Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal said Young was seriously considering retirement.

He’s already made more than $90 million in his career, but he has never won a World Series. And the temptation to return to the Dodgers would have to be to nab a ring.

Either way, adding a reserve infielder remains the Dodgers’ lone true need.