Dodgers Dugout: Offense gets the job done early

Joc Pederson celebrates a three-run home run during the first inning of Game 3.
Joc Pederson celebrates a three-run home run during the first inning of Game 3.
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Hi, and welcome to another edition of Dodgers Dugout. My name is Houston Mitchell, and what happened to all those Dodgers fans who threw in the towel after Game 2?

Some random Game 3 thoughts:

—First things first: If you didn’t get a chance to see that 11-run first inning, you can click here to watch it.

—It was imperative that the Dodgers got off to a fast start, but wow, no one expected that.

—Everyone in the Dodgers’ starting lineup scored a run. That’s amazing.

Mookie Betts showed all the kids watching why you should run hard on every play.

—Even Joe Buck seemed impressed by the Dodgers on Wednesday. (Yes, I like to pick on Joe Buck).

—At some point were you saying to yourself “Hey, save some runs for tomorrow!”?

—Everyone on the team stepped up in Game 3. I really have nothing to nitpick about.

—The game was out of hand so early, I was expecting to see Teddy Martinez or Pepe Frias in the game. Or at least John Hale or Ed Goodson.

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—What may turn out to be the most important part of this game could be the most overlooked: Huascar Ynoa did an amazing job in relief for the Braves. He kept them from having to overwork their bullpen, which could turn out to be very important over the remainder of the series.

—When Julio Urías walked the first two batters in the bottom of the first, it was unsettling. But he then pitched a fine five innings. Although 101 pitches in five innings is a lot.

—It was great to see Kenley Jansen pitch a perfect inning. It was also sort of sad to see him pitching the sixth inning of a blowout.


Grant Dayton, who gave up eight runs, pitched for the Dodgers from 2016-17.

Kyle Wright‘s postseason ERA is a cool 94.50.

—There is one caveat to the Game 3 win: Wright has a career 6.22 ERA in the regular season, so they weren’t exactly teeing off on Greg Maddux or Tom Glavine out there.

Joc Pederson had a miserable season, sidetracked by family issues we wish him the best on. He took a lot of grief from Dodgers fans. He is now seven for 15 this postseason with a homer and five RBIs.

—In his postseason career, Pederson is hitting .260 with 15 homers. He’s the one Dodger who always seems to hit well every postseason.

—Too bad Russell Martin isn’t on the team. He could have pitched an inning.

—We also didn’t have to hear that annoying, offensive (cue angry emails from Braves fans in 3...2...1...) tomahawk chop.

—Remember when the season started and MLB announced players would not be allowed to spit? What happened to that?

—The Dodgers turn to Clayton Kershaw in Game 4 today. It all depends on how his back feels before the game, but Wednesday night they felt confident he would start. The Braves turn to Bryse Wilson.

—Wilson has a 5.91 career ERA, 4.02 this season. However, he made two starts this season and gave up only one run in eight innings. Considering he hasn’t pitched since Sept. 27, don’t look for him to pitch deep into the game.

—Another fast start opportunity for the Dodgers.

—Of course, Game 3 means nothing as far as Game 4 is concerned. There’s still plenty of work to do.


—I stick with my prediction: Dodgers in six.

What a game

The Dodgers set some records, or put their name near the top of the record book in Game 3. A look:

Most runs by the Dodgers in a postseason game

Dodgers 15, Atlanta 3, 2020 NLCS Game 3

Dodgers 13, Atlanta 6, 2013 NLDS Game 3

Dodgers 13, NY Yankees 8, 1956 World Series Game 2

Dodgers 12, San Diego 3, 2020 NLDS Game 3

Dodgers 12, Houston 13, 2017 World Series Game 5

Dodgers 12, Pittsburgh 1, 1974 NLCS Game 4

Dodgers 11, Chicago Cubs 1, 2017 NLCS Game 5

Dodgers 11, NY Yankees 5, 1978 World Series Game 1

Most runs by a team in a postseason game:

Boston 23, Cleveland 7, 1999 ALDS Game 4

NY Yankees 19, Boston 8, 2004 ALCS Game 3

NY Yankees 18, NY Giants 4, 1936 World Series Game 2

Cleveland 17, Seattle 2, 2001 ALDS Game 3

Boston 16, NY Yankees 1, 2018 ALDS Game 3

St. Louis 16, Texas 7, 2011 World Series Game 3

San Francisco 16, Angels 4, 2002 World Series Game 5

NY Yankees 16, Pittsburgh 3, 1960 World Series Game 2

Dodgers 15, Atlanta 3, 2020 NLCS Game 3

Texas 15, Detroit 5, 2011 ALCS Game 6

Arizona 15, NY Yankees 2, 2001 World Series Game 6

Atlanta 15, St. Louis 0, 1996 NLCS Game 7

Toronto 15, Philadelphia 14, 1993 World Series Game 4

Most runs by a team in one postseason inning


Dodgers vs. Atlanta, first inning, 2020 NLCS Game 3



St. Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves, first inning, 2019 ALDS Game 5

Angels vs. Minnesota Twins, seventh inning, 2002 ALCS Game 5

Detroit Tigers vs. St. Louis Cardinals, third inning, 1968 World Series Game 3.

Philadelphia Athletics vs. Chicago Cubs, seventh inning, 1929 World Series Game 4


2011 — Texas Rangers vs. Detroit Tigers, third inning, 2011 ALCS Game 6.

1985 — St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, second inning, 1985 NLCS Game 4.

Dodgers-Braves schedule

Here’s the NLCS schedule. The Dodgers will be the home team for Games 1, 2, 6 and 7. All times are Pacific. All game at Arlington, Texas.

Game 1: Atlanta 5, Dodgers 1

Game 2: Atlanta 8, Dodgers 7

Game 3: Dodgers 15, Atlanta 3

Game 4: Today, 5 p.m., Dodgers (Clayton Kershaw**) vs. Atlanta (Bryse Wilson), Fox and FS1, AM 570

Game 5*: Friday, 5 p.m. (if ALCS still playing) or 6 p.m. (if ALCS not playing), Dodgers (TBD) vs. Atlanta (TBD), FS1, AM 570

Game 6*: Saturday, 1:30 p.m. (if ALCS still playing) or 4 p.m. (if ALCS not playing), Atlanta (TBD) vs. Dodgers (TBD), FS1, AM 570

Game 7*: Sunday, 5:15 p.m., Atlanta (TBD) vs. Dodgers (TBD), Fox and FS1, AM 570

*-If necessary


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And finally

Dodgers put up 11 runs in the first inning against Atlanta. Watch it here.

Until next time...

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