Brianna Decker gets bonus she deserves for her All-Star skills performance

Brianna Decker (14) embraces a teammate after the U.S. defeated Canada in the gold-medal game of the 2018 Winter Olympics.
(Bruce Bennett / Getty Images)

Kendall Coyne Schofield made history when she competed against NHL players in Friday’s NHL All-Star fastest skater skills contest and finished seventh among eight contestants. Her U.S. Olympic gold medal teammate Brianna Decker got less attention because Decker demonstrated a skill without actually competing against the men, but Decker’s feat has won her some attention — and some money.

Decker demonstrated the premier passing event, and completed it about three seconds faster than winner Leon Draisaitl of Edmonton. However, while he got a $25,000 check, she got nothing but applause and a thank you since her performance wasn’t considered part of the competition.

That changed on Saturday, thanks to equipment company CCM Hockey. “We understand the importance of recognizing female hockey players and are pleased to give you the 25,000$ that you deserve,” the company said via its Twitter account. A grateful Decker replied, “Thank you for supporting the men’s and women’s game equally.”

According to Elliotte Friedman of Hockey Night in Canada, the NHL later went back and timed Decker’s performance and found it to be slower than was previously announced but did not have a precise time.