Gang tackle
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Notre Dame 17, Canyon 7

Gang tackle
Canyon’s Mark Urbina is gang tackled by Notre Dame defenders on a punt return during the fourth quarter. (Richard Hartog / LAT)
Jordan Barnett
Notre Dame’s Jordan Barnett cradles the ball he intercepted with 2.2 seconds left in the game. It was one of four interceptions by the Knights. (Richard Hartog / LAT)
brown’s td
Notre Dame’s Thaddeus Brown turns the corner and drags Canyon’s Stephen Wirthlin en route to a first-quarter touchdown. (Richard Hartog / LAT)
wirthlin catch for canyon
Canyon’s Stephen Wirthlin hauls in a long pass for a first down in the second quarter. (Richard Hartog / LAT)
crist sack
Notre Dame quarterback Dayne Crist is taken down by Canyon’s Mike Spagnola. (Richard Hartog / LAT)
cayon’s mike spagnola
Canyon’s Mike Spagnola tries to break through the Notre Dame defense during the second quarter. (Richard Hartog / LAT)
defense piles on
The Notre Dame defense comes down on Canyon’s Jordan Ferguson. (Richard Hartog / LAT)