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Nuggets 111, Lakers 105

The Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony flies through the lane for a layup between Ronny Turiaf and Kobe Bryant. (Alex Gallardo / LAT)
Lakers Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant finds a spot to get inside of the Denver Nuggets’ Nene, left, and Marcus Camby. (Alex Gallardo / LAT)
Lakers Allen Iverson
Denver guard Allen Iverson runs into Kobe Bryant while trying go around him. (Alex Gallardo / LAT)
Lakers Marcus Camby Kobe Bryant
Lakers guard Kobe Bryant gets around Marcus Camby for an easy pass to Kwame Brown for a dunk. (Alex Gallardo / LAT)
Lakers Lamar Odom
As Lakers forward Lamar Odom falls, he heaves a desperation shot that gets taken out of the air by Denver’s Marcus Camby. (Alex Gallardo / LAT)
Lakers Carmelo Anthony dunks
Denver’s Carmelo Anthony dunks the ball over the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum. (Alex Gallardo / LAT)