Tim Tebow inspires a new kneel-down play of sorts


For those of you who can’t get enough Tim Tebow, there’s now a play-at-home version.

Sort of.

The Denver quarterback’s habit of dropping to a knee and praying, fist on forehead, while Broncos teammates celebrate around him has sparked a sensation called “Tebowing,” a term coined by fan Jared Kleinstein.

Kleinstein launched a website,, that encourages people to submit shots of themselves Tebowing in all sorts of situations. There’s a fan on a trampoline doing a midair “floating Tebow,” another genuflecting at the rim of the Grand Canyon, still another kneeling next to the “can-I-take-your-order” box at a fast-food drive through.

“It’s addictive to be a Tebow fan,” Kleinstein told the Associated Press. On Friday, he received more than 1,300 submissions, with hundreds of thousands of page views.


Tebow told reporters at practice Friday that he has no problem with the site.

“Yeah, some people don’t necessarily take it seriously,” the quarterback said, “but they’re on their knee praying, so who knows what you’re going to think about after that and how it can affect you?

“Hopefully, it’s a good example for people.”

Panther power

Carolina’s game against Minnesota on Sunday matches quarterbacks who were first-round draft picks this year: No. 1 Cam Newton of the Panthers and No. 12 Christian Ponder of the Vikings. Newton has already faced Jacksonville and No. 10 pick Blaine Gabbert. So the Carolina standout will become the first rookie quarterback chosen in the first round to start against two first-round quarterbacks from his class in the same season.

Newton passed for 256 yards last Sunday for his fourth 250-yard passing game. One more such game and he would become the fourth quarterback since 1960 to reach 250 yards passing in five games as a rookie (*through seven games).

Peyton Manning 1998 Indianapolis 6
Sam Bradford 2010 St. Louis 5
Matt Ryan 2008 Atlanta 5
Cam Newton 2011 Carolina 4*
Source: NFL

Home sweet home

Toronto -- it’s a nice place to visit, but do you want your football team to live there?

At least one member of the Buffalo Bills says no. Safety George Wilson told reporters that the fan support the Bills receive in Toronto -- about 100 miles away -- is “a night-and-day difference” compared to the more fervent support in Buffalo.


“For the most part, it’s a show,” he said of Bills games played at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, as Sunday’s matchup against the Washington Redskins will be. “You see just as many jerseys for the opposing teams as you do the Bills. They cheer for any big play, regardless of whichever team makes it.

“It’s definitely not the same hostile environment that teams have to deal with coming into [Ralph Wilson Stadium] out here. This is no knock on the citizens of Toronto. We know a large percentage of our fan base comes from Canada, and we’re appreciative of their support. But at the same time, the environment is just not the same. That’s just facts.”

If they beat the Redskins, the Bills would become the eighth team in NFL history to win its first four “home” games after starting the previous season 0-4 at home (*finished season undefeated at home).

Cleveland 0-4 in 1956 6-0 in 1957*
Cincinnati 0-6 in 1987 8-0 in 1988*
Atlanta 0-4 in 1997 8-0 in 1998*
San Diego 0-5 in 2000 4-0 in 2001
Chicago 0-4 in 2000 4-0 in 2001
Carolina 0-5 in 2007 8-0 in 2008*
Kansas City 0-4 in 2009 7-0 in 2010
Buffalo 0-4 in 2010 3-0 in 2011
Source: NFL