Witness says she had to beg Josh Brent to pull Jerry Brown from car


The death of Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jerry Brown in a car accident just gets sadder and sadder. According to a witness, teammate Josh Brent, who was driving the car when it crashed, had to be begged repeatedly to pull Brown from the burning wreckage in which he was trapped.

Stacee McWilliams was one of the first two people to come across the crash scene, she told the Dallas Morning News.

“When I first pulled up to the scene, there was a little bit of a flame coming from the flipped vehicle, like in the engine area. Just a very small flame and I wasn’t too overly concerned for that. I jumped out of my vehicle and ran up to make sure that everyone was OK. As I got closer to the scene, there was a gentleman, which I later found out was Josh Brent, that was standing off to the right side of the wreckage, kind of pacing back and forth, you know, walking around.


“I asked him if he was OK, I said ‘Is everyone OK?’, ‘Are you all right?’, and he responded to me, he said that he was fine. The person that was in the other vehicle stepped out of her car and she said ‘I’ve already called 9-1-1, they’re on the way’ .... But it took no time at all for this fire to really get engaged. It became very hot, very bright, very big and then I started to hear screams coming from inside the vehicle and it was a man’s voice saying ‘Help me’, you know, ‘Help, somebody help me’. And I turned and looked at the [Brent], and I said ‘Is there a passenger? Is there somebody in the car?’. And he said ‘Yeah’. And I told him ‘Well, get him out of the car’.

“Josh looked at me and he said ‘He won’t get out of the car’. And I said ‘Well, you can’t just leave him in there and let him die. You’ve got to help him. Go get him’. And I commanded him several times and Josh looked at me, and he again said ‘He won’t get out of the car’. And I told him ‘You can’t stand here and watch him die. You’ve got to get him out’.”

Brent eventually pulled Brown from the car.

“I want people to understand that Josh Brent is not a hero,” McWilliams said. “I keep hearing reports of how he was there to pull his friend from the fire, but he had to be coerced and pushed and begged and pleaded to get his friend out of the fire. And when he pulled him out, he just left him in the street. He didn’t tell him ‘Hang in there, help is on the way’. Nothing. He just left him there and I want the magnitude of that to be understood.”

Irving, Texas, police spokesman John Argumaniz said investigators were still piecing together the events leading up to the crash. Brent has been charged with intoxication manslaughter. The arrest affidavit said Brent “admitted to consuming alcohol.” He was given a blood alcohol test against his will, but the results have not yet been released.

But here’s a question that needs to be asked: If Brent refused to act, why didn’t McWilliams try to pull Brown out of the car herself?



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