Colin Kaepernick of 49ers beats Jets’ Tim Tebow at his own game


Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback, had the best game of his career in the team’s 34-0 blowout of the Jets, and looked more like how New York Jets fans might have envisioned Tim Tebow would be after their team traded with the Denver Broncos for him.

On five carries he rushed for 50 yards and scored on a 7-yard touchdown run from the wildcat in what would be the game-winning score in the second quarter.

Kaepernick’s only pass attempt of the day was an incompletion.


He could have recorded a second in the fourth quarter after taking over for starter Alex Smith on the 49ers’ final possession of the game, but he slid down at the Jets 3 after a 30-yard breakout run to allow time to continue ticking off the clock and eventually expire two plays later.

Tebow, on the other hand, connected with Dedrick Epps for a 9-yard pass -- his first completion of the season -- who subsequently fumbled the ball to the 49ers.

Tebow’s two rushing attempts of the day went for a combined total of 0 yards.


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