Colin Kaepernick is living out his childhood dream, and then some

Everything is going just as Colin Kaepernick planned.

All the way back in fourth grade, he in a school letter that he would like to one day be the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers. And lo and behold, that's just what happened.

In that same letter, Kaepernick also predicted that he would make his coach look like a genius for giving him the job late in the season, set new postseason records for longest rushing touchdown by a quarterback and most rushing yards by a quarterback in a game, and that he would start a social media sensation by kissing his right biceps after touchdowns.

Yes, the clairvoyant youngster even foresaw the rise of Twitter way back then. And he was so confident all this would happen, Kaepernick had the entire letter tattooed on his arms.

Oh, you've seen the letter? And it's not really inked on his arm, just broadcast on national television and pretty much every website that covers sports? So then you probably know that I made a lot of that other stuff up too.

The young Kaepernick merely stated that he would one day like to play for the 49ers (or the Green Bay Packers) -- and now he's living the dream.

The letter actually doesn't mention anything about Coach Jim Harbaugh's controversial decision to replace starter Alex Smith with Kaepernick, or the second-year quarterback's record-setting 56-yard touchdown run and 181 rushing yards in the 49ers' 45-31 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Saturday, or the hot new trend known as Kaepernicking.

But all that stuff really has happened. Which goes to show that it's not a good idea to get a tattoo of even your wildest dreams -- you might actually surpass them.


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