Aaron Hernandez is a ‘good guy,’ Tim Tebow told Tom Brady in 2011

An NFL video of a 2011 postgame chat between New England quarterback Tom Brady and then-Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has surfaced in which Brady says he is trying to look after a couple of Tebow’s former Florida teammates, one of whom was Aaron Hernandez.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the brief exchange is that Tebow tells Brady that Hernandez and fellow Gator-turned-Patriot Brandon Spikes are “good guys,” but both quarterbacks agreed the two could be “a lot to handle.”


Hernandez was charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Odin Lloyd last month and was subsequently released by the Patriots.

Tebow is currently on the New England roster, looking to find a spot as a backup to Brady. But back on Dec. 18, 2011, he was the starting quarterback for the Broncos, who had just suffered a 41-23 loss to Brady and the Patriots.

The two quarterbacks exchanged pleasantries after the game and were about to part ways when Brady thought to bring up Tebow’s former teammates in what appears to be a joking manner.

Brady: “You know, I’m trying to watch over Aaron and Brandon, but ...”

Tebow: “They’re good guys.”

Brady: "... they’re a lot to handle.”

Tebow: “Absolutely.”

During his college days Hernandez was suspended one game for a failed drug test and was allegedly involved in a bar altercation to which Tebow was listed a witness. Spikes was suspended half a game for an on-field eye-gouging incident with the Gators and four games with the Patriots for violating the NFL’s banned substances policy.

The video has apparently been out there since shortly after the game on, but the Boston-based site Masshole Sports was the first to notice Hernandez’s name brought up in the conversation.


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