Robert Griffin III fans discover his wedding registry and go nuts

Robert Griffin III and his fiance are just like many other soon-to-be-married couples in that they registered online for their wedding gifts.

Unlike those other couples, however, this one just happens to have the superstar quarterback of the Washington Redskins as the groom. Some of his crafty fans discovered the registry of Griffin and Rebecca Liddicoat on the Bed, Bath & Beyond website and decided to send some pre-wedding gifts -- lots and lots of them.

Check out the photo RG3 posted on whosay of himself in front of a big ol’ pile of boxes from BB&B.;


Most of the already-purchased items on the list are of the more inexpensive variety as far as wedding gifts are concerned, such as napkins ($1.99 each), dish cloths ($4.99) and a variety of kitchen utensils (a $7.99 vegetable peeler, for example) -- although some people (quite possibly not fans but some of the quarterback’s wealthier friends) have purchased a pair of $439.99 outdoor seating sets and a $399.99 mixer for the couple.

Griffin is going into the second year of his guaranteed $21-million rookie contract and stands to make quite a bit more in salary and endorsements throughout his career. Nonetheless, some fans decided to use this as a way of showing their appreciation for the quarterback who gave his all (he is now rehabilitating from January knee surgery) to get their team back into the playoffs.

@rgiii Sometimes you give to a city, and a city gives back to you. You bled for us, and we give to you. God Bless your wedding. #HTTR — kissmyaspie (@kissmyaspie) May 20, 2013

Plus isn’t it kind of fun just picturing your idol and his wife making a fruit salad together with the melon baller you gave them?

But apparently others weren’t too happy about an ultra-wealthy star registering for gifts in the first place. Griffin had this response for them:

Because you are rich you are not allowed to receive gifts and any gifts you receive should be donated to charity???? #WOW Smh... — Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) May 20, 2013

And this:

Haters gon hate. Theme of the day. They always say more money more problems. Or mo’ money mo’ problems. Yea I’m cultured #DealWithIt — Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) May 20, 2013

But just in case you are a non-hater who wants to send along a little something to the happy couple, fear not. There is still plenty remaining on their wish list -- including a $499.99 non-stick cookware set and a bunch of $7.99 hand towels and washcloths.

Happy shopping (or happy hating)!


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