Graphic: A season on the injured list

Among a season of lowlights for the Lakers, perhaps the lowest was the image of Chris Kaman laying prone on the team's bench across six empty seats during a game in February against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Due to so many injuries, the Lakers were finishing up a game they started with just eight available players. Three fouled out. Nick Young left with an ankle sprain and, if not for a league rule that says each team must have five players on the court, they would have had just four players on the court.

And in a particular twist of irony, the Lakers won the game,119-108, ending a seven-game losing streak.

Through 67 regular season games Wednesday, Laker players have missed a total of 242 games, unprecedented for the team.

Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash are through for the year. Jordan Farmar, Xavier Henry and Steve Blake (traded to Golden State last month) have all missed big chunks of the season. Nick Young continues to battle a sprained ankle and Farmar will miss at least two more weeks because of a groin injury after returning to action in mid-February.

January and February were the toughest for the team, with so many injured players sitting out. They went 3-12 in January and 4-8 in February.