Caption contest: Metta World Peace enjoying shots at a bowling alley

How you describe this photo likely will reflect how you view Metta World Peace.

Do you scratch your head at him recently taking shots shirtless at a local bowling alley, or do you marvel at how he’s maintained his physique this offseason?

Do you cringe at the message he’s sending about drinking alcohol? Or do you think it shows World Peace genuinely having fun with a group of fans?

Do you become agitated over World Peace’s constant want for attention by posting this on his Twitter account? Or do you appreciate how this exemplifies his down-to-earth persona and lack of pretentiousness?

I tend to agree with the latter conclusions. After following him for the past 2-1/2 seasons with the Lakers, there’s a few things I’ve come to realize. Based on conversations with those close with him and through my own observations, World Peace likes to hype up his reckless reputation for his own amusement. He does so to show he’s indifferent about public perception. World Peace confirms false rumors about himself and tweets wacky things because he gets a kick out of media outlets running those stories as gospel. And, frankly, World Peace just likes to act weird.


That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising that World Peace is hosting a “Nerds & Nurses” party Thursday night at Trousdale Lounge in West Hollywood. It appears he’s inviting all of his Twitter followers to come. It’s fair to say many of the nurses will dress in scantily clad attire. World Peace would likely share more photos of himself having a good time.

“I’m still erratic, spontaneous; people don’t know what I will do,” World Peace said recently. “I got that wild side to me.”

Yet, for those who listen, World Peace shows he’s usually grounded in reality. He’s more than willing to tell his life story, his struggles and his insecurities. And he doesn’t hide his weaknesses when he speaks out on mental health issues.

“But I put a lot of effort in being considerate. I’m glad some people recognize that.”

Well, not all. Not every athlete would voluntarily post a picture of himself taking shots, particularly someone who said he used to have a drinking problem. Not everybody is amused by World Peace’s antics. Not everybody understands how he’s just trying to make people laugh.

But some do, and will raise a toast for World Peace having a good time.


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