Rockets broadcaster gives colorful call of Lakers’ collapse

As the Houston Rockets defeated the Lakers on Tuesday night, broadcaster Craig Ackerman got caught up in the excitement of the moment as the home team emerged victorious.

“The Lakers have just pooped their big-boy pants,” screamed Ackerman, in reference to Kobe Bryant’s recent advice to Pau Gasol.

Bryant used the term “big-boy pants,” urging Gasol to embrace and overcome adversity.


The reality is the Lakers have been choking away games in the fourth quarter, often with Dwight Howard repeatedly getting fouled intentionally and the team unable to get stops in the half court.

While the Lakers will improve once Steve Nash returns, he doesn’t add much value against “Hack-a-Dwight” as the team’s offense becomes immaterial and Nash isn’t a noteworthy defender.

Of course in the final two minutes of games, opponents can’t foul Howard away from the ball so improved execution offensively would certainly be welcome.


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