Phil Jackson says Lakers coaching decision a midnight ‘coup’ caught up with former Lakers Coach Phil Jackson recently in Santa Barbara.

Jackson, seen walking casually to his car, spoke about his recent interaction with the Lakers prior to the Mike D’Antoni hire.

“We never discussed any terms, so there was never anything there,” said Jackson.

The Lakers and Jackson had a conversation about the open position after the Lakers fired Mike Brown, but the team hired D’Antoni.

“It was just midnight, kind of coup,” said Jackson. “I wasn’t really looking to coach again but that was happenstance. It just came about.”


Jackson noted the Lakers need their three-point shooters to be successful this season, notably Jodie Meeks.

“They’ll be all right,” said Jackson of his former team.

It’s unclear if Jackson’s comment of “slim to none” on a potential coaching return related to the Lakers or the NBA in general.


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