Coach Mike Brown talks offensive philosophy

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The Lakers are winless through seven exhibition games and have only one final early contest to go, on Thursday night against the Sacramento Kings.

Before Wednesday night’s 97-91 loss to the Clippers, Coach Mike Brown spoke about this season’s offensive philosophy.

The Lakers are instituting a pared-down version of the Princeton offense merged with some of Brown’s schemes from last year.


“What we’re doing right now isn’t necessarily to win the games now or in the short term,” Brown said. “Hopefully what we’re doing will pay off in the long term when it really counts.”

Brown and guard Steve Nash appear to be on the same page. Investing in the system should help prevent the Lakers from being one-dimensional, especially in the postseason against the best defensive teams in the league.

Brown hasn’t had the benefit of a full roster this exhibition season to really institute his plan, but he says he’ll “stay the course.”

Dwight Howard has played in only one game. Kobe Bryant will miss a total of three. Jordan Hill was out for five. Earl Clark got in three before he strained his groin.

Clark noted before Wednesday’s game that he hasn’t even been cleared to use a regular treadmill more than a couple of times a week.

Brown’s initial goal was to have Antawn Jamison play small forward, but with Hill’s injury, Jamison has primarily played power forward.


Despite the setbacks, Brown envisions his team clicking by January.

Once he gets his full contingent of players on the floor, the Lakers should win a number of games on talent alone.

If Brown’s offensive philosophy is sound and the team finally gets comfortable with it, the Lakers should be better suited to make a postseason run.


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