Dwight Howard dances on ‘Ellen’

Little by little, there are hints that Dwight Howard’s surgically repaired back is healing.

The latest: Howard appeared on “Ellen” and performed the “Gangnam Style” dance for 45 seconds. If he can look that smooth and mobile on the dance floor, imagine how he’ll look on the basketball court.

Still, Howard looked out of breath after the dance, suggesting his conditioning could improve. Or perhaps he was just overwhelmed by the moment.

After all, Howard revealed on the show that he’s had a crush on Ellen DeGeneres ever since hearing her “sexy” voice as Dory in “Finding Nemo.”


He then let out his infectious smile and even teared up.

“Ellen is hot,” Howard recalled thinking to himself. “I have to get on the show someday. Now that I’m here, it’s a dream come true.”

Funny, he said the same thing in August about joining the Lakers. Or about winning a championship ring.

But Howard had fun with latest dream-come-true, again doing his Kobe Bryant imitation. He reenacted a conversation in which Howard said he told Bryant that he’s making progress on his rehab.


“That’s good,” Howard said in Bryant’s scowling voice. “I need you at 100%. Trying to win a ring. Talk to you later. Bye.”

For now, though, Howard will have fun smiling, crying, laughing, and of course, dancing.


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