Lakers let two trade exceptions functionally expire

The Lakers retain a disabled-player exception worth $1.8 million, which they received for the injured Jordan Hill. The team can use it until March 11 to sign a free agent.
(Ezra Shaw / Getty Images)

The Lakers held pat at the trade deadline, sticking with their 14-man roster.

With the deadline passing, the team will lose a pair of trade exceptions. The Lakers lose one for $854,000, gained when they traded Jason Kapono to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Ramon Sessions.

Additionally, the $544,000 exception for Derek Fisher, traded to the Houston Rockets for Jordan Hill, will soon disappear from the books.


Both trade exceptions don’t technically expire until March 15, but they are unusable past the deadline.

The Lakers still have a trade exception worth $1.2 million in return for trading Christian Eyenga to the Orlando Magic in the Dwight Howard trade. It can be used once the Lakers’ season is over, be it in April, May or June -- until it expires Aug. 12.

The team also has the Jordan Hill disabled-player exception worth $1.8 million, expiring March 11. The Lakers can still use it to sign a free agent.

The team also still has $1.6 million of its mid-level exception remaining.

Finally, the Lakers can sign players at the veteran’s minimum either on a 10-day contract or for the remainder of the season.

While it’s not clear if the team is willing to invest any more in a roster costing almost $100 million ($130 million with luxury taxes), the Lakers will monitor the waiver wire to see if a suitable veteran becomes available.


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