Jordan Farmar wants to return to Lakers after ‘asterisk’ season

Jordan Farmar
Lakers guard Jordan Farmar looks to pass in a game against the Indiana Pacers.
(Steven C. Mitchell / EPA)

Jordan Farmar met with General Manager Mitch Kupchak and Coach Mike D’Antoni on Thursday at the Lakers’ practice facility for his exit interview.

“I kind of view it as an asterisk season. We didn’t have a fair shot at it,” Farmar said of the Lakers’ 27-55 record. “I don’t think we should feel like we were a less-than-adequate team.”

The Lakers struggled with injuries all year, most notably to All-Star Kobe Bryant, who played just six games.

“We’re spoiled in L.A. We have the good weather. We have great sports teams,” Farmar said.  “If it rains a couple of days -- [everyone is] going crazy. I think these times will help you appreciate the good ones that much more.”


The Lakers originally drafted Farmar with the 26th overall pick in the 2006 NBA draft. He won two NBA titles with the franchise in 2009 and 2010.

A free agent this summer, Farmar hopes to return to the Lakers.

“I want to be back. It’s not a secret. I’m from here. I love the Lakers. I love this organization, the city [and] the fans. My friends and family are here,” said Farmar.  “It’s a special place for me, and it’s definitely where my heart is.”

Farmar over the summer signed on a one-year, $915,243 contract after giving up significantly more money overseas, getting out of his contract with Turkish franchise Anadolu Efes to rejoin the Lakers.


“I’m 27 years old but I have eight years’ worth of experience and a couple of championships and things that a lot of people can’t offer,” Farmar said. “I feel I can really help a good team. I know this organization is going to be heading in that direction in the very near future.”

Farmar averaged 10.1 points and 4.9 assists a game but sat half the season (41 games) with hamstring and groin injuries.

“I will definitely stay more dedicated to my yoga. I did yoga my whole career, up until this year,” Farmar said on staying healthy in the future. “It’s something that I am just really passionate about and I believe in.”

Farmar also took up for D’Antoni, who never had a healthy lineup to coach.

“You take what we had to go through and put it on any team in the NBA, and they’d be sitting here with their exit interviews today too,” Farmar said. “Whether it’s LeBron [James] and Chris Bosh out of Miami, or Paul George and Lance Stephenson out of Indiana. They’d be having the same conversation, and they’re one and two in the East.

“The injuries and the adversity we’ve had to face makes it really tough to be successful in this league. It’s hard enough to compete and win with a healthy team, let alone all the stuff we had to go through.”


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