Metta World Peace does the weather, talks Lakers season

Metta World Peace joined Liz Habib on the KTTV-TV (Channel 11) news broadcast Friday night to talk sports and do the weather with meteorologist Pablo Pereira.

“I came to L.A. because of Phil Jackson, Kobe [Bryant] reminded me of [Michael] Jordan, Lamar [Odom] reminded me of [Scottie] Pippen and it was just the [Chicago] Bulls all over again,” said World Peace. “The Bulls were my favorite team growing up.”

He also commented that the comparison between Bryant and Jordan takes away from the team nature of the game.


“It’s about the wins,” said World Peace. “It’s not about the individual.”

The veteran forward averaged 12.4 points a game for the Lakers this season but was limited throughout the playoffs because of a knee injury.

“I thought we had a great team and a chance to win the championship this year,” he said. “The other teams were better than us. That’s exactly what happened.”

World Peace was optimistic about the Lakers’ chances next season.

“It takes chemistry. It takes teamwork. It takes deferring,” he said. “It definitely takes Dwight Howard to come back.”

World Peace as weather man was irreverent -- consistent with his personality. This wasn’t the first time he did the weather, previously visiting Canadian station CTV in 2012.

Suffice it to say, World Peace is unlikely to be a meteorologist after he retires as a player.


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