Dwight Howard a standout at LeBron James’ Halloween costume party


LeBron James’ famous Halloween party wasn’t technically his own this year. His wife and her friends planned it, but they allowed James a few invitations. He invited his teammates and they didn’t disappoint.

Kyle Kuzma dressed as the rapper Blueface. JaVale McGee dressed as Beetlejuice — a costume James had considered for himself. James’ trainer, Mike Mancias, dressed as the Penguin, a “Batman” villain. His look was so convincing that none of the partygoers recognized him until they spoke with him.

There was no costume competition this year, but one person’s look stood out.

“Dwight,” Kuzma said after Thursday’s practice Thursday. “For sure. He was Rasputia. You didn’t see it? Let me show you. It might be pulled up already. One second, right here.”


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He took his phone out of his pocket to share a picture with the assembled reporters that showed Howard dressed in a suit of an obese woman wearing pink lingerie, a character who was played by Eddie Murphy in the movie “Norbit.”

Anthony Davis came as the Joker — the version from the movie “Suicide Squad.” He wasn’t amused by one reporter’s suggestion that that version of the “Batman” villain was the most controversial.

James’ wife, Savannah, dressed as Medusa, the snake-haired monster from Greek mythology, while James himself dressed as Edward Scissorhands. LeEdward Scissorhands, as he called it.

“It wasn’t the fact of how heavy they were,” James said of the scissors affixed to his hands for the look. “It was the fact that I couldn’t hold a drink.”


Between hair, makeup and the costume he wore, it took James 3½ hours to get ready for the party. Edward Scissorhands’ life isn’t one he wants.

“It’s a sad movie to be honest, man,” James said. “A guy living by himself and being lonely, being misunderstood. I wouldn’t want to be in that situation. But [Johnny] Depp definitely aced that role for sure.”

It’s too bad Halloween comes at such a busy time of year in the sports world.

Oct. 31, 2019