Watch Reds’ Joey Votto turn the tables on a heckler while in the on-deck circle

If you’re going to get personal with Joey Votto, you better be ready for the Cincinnati Reds first baseman to get personal right back at you.

Some hecklers found that out Monday night during the Reds’ game against the Cleveland Indians at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. With Votto standing within earshot in the on-deck circle, a fan called out, “I remember when you used to be good.”

Votto didn’t flinch and fired back, “I remember when you used to be thin,” much to the amusement of those seated around the heckler.

While some fans continued to razz Votto, the star player said they were “not stating facts.” And that’s true — the four-time All Star is off to a great start, batting .33/.422/.600 in 45 games this season.


After someone pointed to a specific play during the Reds’ 5-1 win that night, Votto shut down that argument.

“You know the difference is?” Votto said. “Right now, this guy is filming this. I got something to lose and you guys don’t even have a life, so you got nothing to lose at all.”

Last season, Votto apologized after angrily grabbing the shirt of a fan who got in his way while the first baseman was pursuing a foul ball in the stands.

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