Bahya Mansour al-Hamad
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Women compete for the first time

Qatari Bahya Mansour al-Hamad competes in the women’s 10-meter air rifle qualification at the Royal Artillery Barracks in London. (Khaled Desouki / AFP/Getty Images)
Sarah Attar of Saudi Arabia is all smiles as she enters Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony on Friday night in London.  (Cameron Spencer / Getty Images)
Aia Mohamed of Qatar serves to Canada’s Mo Zhang during a preliminary round of women’s table tennis. (Bernd Thissen / EPA)
Qatari athlete Noor Hussain al-Maliki, 17, poses during a Diamond League track meet in Doha, Qatar.  (Osama Faisal / Associated Press)
Brunei’s flagbearer Maziah Mahusin leads her country’s delegation into Olympic Stadium during the opening ceremony on Friday night. (Olivier Morin / AFP / Getty Images)
Wodjan Shaherkani (top right during the opening ceremony) might withdraw from the Olympic Game if not allowed by the IOC to wear a hijab.  (Jonathan Brady / EPA)