World Cup: Spain’s pain is one man’s gain

Sergio Ramos, Robin van Persie
Spain’s Sergio Ramos against the Netherlands’ Robin van Persie during Friday’s match.
(Paul Gilham / Getty Images)

A former soccer referee from Valencia, Spain, won $135,000 in free gasoline after being the only one of about 70,000 contestants to predict correctly the score of Spain’s World Cup opener with the Netherlands.

The Dutch won, 5-1.

According to Soccer America Daily, Jacobo Rios Capape entered the contest, organized by the Spanish fuel company Cespa, on a whim. And even he didn’t think the score sounded right.

“I was, of course, hoping Spain would win. But I figured if the Dutch won, it would be a big win,” the 56-year-old architect said. “So I came up with the 5-1, which I thought was ridiculous and wouldn’t happen.”