Browns coach Hue Jackson says he’ll keep his word and jump in Lake Erie after another 15-loss season

Hue Jackson coaches the Cleveland Browns during a game against the Chicago Bears on Dec. 24.
(Tannen Maury /EPA-EFE / REX /Shutterstock)

Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson is a man of his word — or at least he does the best that he can.

Around this time last year, Jackson looked toward 2017 and swore that his team would not lose 15 games two years in a row. Unfortunately for Cleveland fans, he was unable to fulfill that promise this year, as the Browns are 0-15 going into their season finale Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But Jackson made another statement that day, saying that if the Browns did happen to go 1-15 (or worse, presumably) again this year, he would go for a swim in Lake Erie. On Wednesday, Jackson opened his news conference by asking, “Who’s going to jump in the lake with me?”


“I don’t like it, don’t like to do it for the reason why I’m having to do it, but I have to make do on my word,” Jackson said. “I just think that’s what you do. I get that. I made a statement, I’ve got to back it up.”

When asked how he was going to do it, Jackson replied, “You just jump in.”

As far as when this event is going to take place, Jackson said: “It’s going to be at my convenience, and hopefully I can get a lot of people to come out. It’d be something we’re going to make special.”

Jackson might want to schedule it for sometime in July.

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