Morning Briefing: There’s a certain unanimity about Mariano Rivera


Want to impress your friends by predicting who will be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame when the results are announced Tuesday? There’s a site on the internet that will help you.

The Baseball Hall of Fame tracker by Ryan Thibodaux keeps count of every voter who has announced who they voted for. So far, Thibodaux has tallied all 180 ballots that have been made public, and here are some of the results. Remember, you have to be named on 75% of the ballots to make the Hall of Fame.

Looks like they are in:


Mariano Rivera, 100%

Roy Halladay, 93.9%

Edgar Martinez, 90.6%

Mike Mussina, 81.8%

On the cusp of making it:

Curt Schilling, 74.6%

Roger Clemens, 73.5%

Barry Bonds, 72.9%

Larry Walker, 66.9%

Have no mathematical chance (even if they were named on every remaining ballot, they still wouldn’t make it):

Omar Vizquel, 37%

Fred McGriff, 35.9%

Manny Ramirez, 26.5%

Scott Rolen, 20.4%

Todd Helton, 19.3%

Billy Wagner, 16%

Jeff Kent, 15.5%

Gary Sheffield, 13.3%

Sammy Sosa, 13.3%

Andruw Jones, 8.3%

Andy Pettitte, 6.6%

In danger of dropping off ballot (those getting less than 5% are removed from future ballots):

Michael Young, 1.7%

Lance Berkman, 1.1%

Roy Oswalt, 1.1%

Those are some interesting results. Clemens and Bonds are closer than they have ever been. If they are elected, that opens the door for a lot of steroid-tainted players. Rivera could end up as the first person to be unanimously elected, an honor he richly deserves. Martinez gets in on his 10th and final time on the ballot, while McGriff, in his final time on the ballot, falls well short.

We will revisit this in Tuesday morning’s briefing.

He’s not shellfish

How about a Big Mac for dinner with lobster for dessert?

After President Trump was criticized for feeding the Clemson football national championship team McDonald’s and other fast food during their White House visit on Monday, former NFL star Michael Strahan decided to do something about it.

Strahan invited the team to New York City for a lobster dinner, all paid for by Strahan.

“We gonna take care of you,” Strahan said. “We gonna give you the proper meal that you deserve because that was one great game, a great accomplishment.”

That’s sweet

The Harlem Globetrotters announced that they are offering free tickets to furloughed U.S. government employees.

“As the Ambassadors of Goodwill, we want to show our support to all those government workers whose paychecks, and by extension their families, are directly impacted,” Globetrotters President Howard Smith said in a statement.

Any U.S. government employee currently on furlough can show their government ID at their local box office to receive two tickets. The Globetrotters are currently playing in Indiana.

Name change

The Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City, Mo., has a popular roller-coaster named “The Patriot.” And even though the roller-coaster is closed right now because of snow, it just wouldn’t do to have anything named “the Patriot” ahead of the Kansas City Chiefs’ AFC title game against the New England Patriots this weekend.

So the park changed the name of the ride to “The Patrick,” replacing the last two letters and adding a Chiefs logo.