Watch a cyclist smash his friend’s bike in half following a crash at the Red Hook Crit in Milan

At least one rider at Saturday’s Red Hook Crit in Milan, Italy, was unhappy with the way his qualifying race ended.

The bike he was riding probably wasn’t that psyched either — and the same might go for the friend who loaned it to him.

Check out what New York City-based Jeremy Santucci did to the piece of machinery following a crash late in the race that took him out of qualifying:

“When you sacrifice everything, and your emotions get the best of you,” Santucci wrote in a caption on an Instagram post showing him throwing down the bike and breaking it in two.

He added the hashtag #imonlyhuman and said nothing could have been done to save the vehicle at that point anyway. “ps bike was already done from getting crashed out at 38mph in turn 6,” he wrote.

Here’s the accident Santucci is referring to:


Turns out that the bike actually belonged to Santucci’s “homey, Sergio.” Hopefully, for the sake of their friendship, the “beautiful machine” really was beyond repair before Santucci broke it in half.

Here’s one last look at the bicycle, before ...

… and after the race.

Like Instagram user marieveiss wrote, “RIP bike ❤.”

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