Hey, Bears fans, are you sure about burning your Jay Cutler jerseys?

NFC North: Chicago Bears

Jay Cutler, who has a 51-51 record in his eight seasons with the Bears, will likely be moved or released ($15 million salary next season, which includes a $2.5 million roster bonus). Chicago will look for a replacement using all possible avenues.

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Chicago Bears fans are not happy with the way their beloved team's season is going, particularly after a 55-14 drubbing this week by the hated Green Bay Packers on "Sunday Night Football."

Some folks are taking their frustration out on Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, using the time-tested method of showing one's dissatisfaction with an athlete -- the burning of a jersey.

There's these guys:

And apparently just burning Cutler's jersey wasn't nearly enough of a statement for one Bears fan:

Really, Bears fans?

After all Cutler's done for you over the years?

You know, that time he ...

Um, well, there's that once ...

Oh, I know! He got you guys into the playoffs ... once ... in six years.

But at least then he got you all the way to the NFC championship game ... oh wait, you guys aren't still mad at him about that injury that none of you think should have kept him out of such a big game, are you? Oh ... so I guess you still think he was a little too disengaged on the sideline that day, too, huh?

OK, so maybe Cutler and Chicago have never exactly been a match made in heaven. But if that's the case, why do you guys have all those No. 6 jerseys to burn or do God knows what else to anyway?

I'll tell you why -- because you're Bears fans. At some point you were so filled with team pride that you all went out and paid a lot of money for the jersey of the starting quarterback.

So things haven't worked out quite the way you hoped back on that fateful day. But, like it or not, Cutler is still the starting quarterback of your beloved team. You're stuck with him -- that nice big contract he signed during the off-season pretty much guarantees it.

You love the team, might as well support the quarterback.

Plus, burning jerseys is just lame.