Cris Carter on Chandler Jones: ‘I think he was smoking some marijuana laced with PCP’

Cris Carter

Cris Carter attends the NFL Honors at Radio City Music Hall on Feb. 1, 2014.

(Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images)

Former NFL star and current analyst Cris Carter does not believe that synthetic marijuana caused New England Patriots defensive lineman Chandler Jones’ bizarre behavior on Sunday morning.

Speaking on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” show on Friday morning, Carter speculated out loud about what might have happened.

“I think that the synthetic marijuana story might be just a story,” Carter said. “It don’t pass the smell test for me. I think he was smoking marijuana, and I think he was smoking some marijuana laced with PCP or Angel Dust. And I think that’s what made him trip out.”


At about 7:40 a.m. on Sunday, Jones showed up at the Foxborough, Mass., police station shirtless and disoriented, then dropped to his knees and locked his hands behind his head. Jones was admitted to the hospital and released the same day. A police officer went to Jones’ house for the player’s keys and said he smelled burning marijuana.

On Thursday, Jones apologized to teammates and fans for what he said was “a pretty stupid mistake.” The Boston Globe reported the previous day that Jones had suffered a bad reaction to synthetic marijuana.

But Carter pointed out what he feels are holes in the Globe’s theory, saying “synthetic doesn’t smell like marijuana” and pointing out that Jones’ described behavior sounds more in line with someone who smoked marijuana laced with PCP.

“I’m just trying to tell you what I believe could be the end result because that’s what happens,” Carter said.


Carter, who also somehow tried to use a story about former Patriots tight end and convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez to back his theory, did admit “I don’t know all the details of the case.”

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