Pregnant Blackhawks fan goes into labor, refuses to leave game


Now this is total fan dedication.

Donna Lebano attended the Chicago Blackhawks-Minnesota Wild first-round NHL playoff game in Chicago on Thursday. No big deal there, although she was eight months’ pregnant. That’s impressive, but hey, many pregnant women have attended hockey games.

Except that midway through the second period, she started having contractions. And even then, she refused to leave the game because the Blackhawks had a chance to win the series with a victory.

Repeat: She started having contractions in the second period yet refused to leave the game.


“No way was I leaving,” Lebano said in a statement. “We are a Hawks family. I had to see the end of the game.”

Lebano, who was at the game with her sisters, stayed and saw Marian Hossa score two goals to lead the Blackhawks to a 5-1 win over the Wild to advance to the second round.

She then was rushed to the hospital and gave birth to her son, Owen Michael.

“Owen is such a great baby, very patient. We’re doing fantastic and we think of Owen as Hossa’s hat trick. Two goals in a playoff game and a baby delivered moments after getting to the hospital is an epic hat trick,” Lebano told WGN9 news in Chicago.

Wait, shouldn’t the baby be named Marian?


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