Floyd Mayweather Jr. slaps around his Manny Pacquiao training dummy

Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Manny Pacquiao in the so-called "fight of the century" nearly two months ago, but that hasn't stopped him from having some social media fun at the expense of his one-time opponent.

In a short video posted to Instagram on Wednesday, Mayweather Jr. has a very one-sided conversation with a training dummy as he rehashes issues regarding injuries Pacquiao said he suffered prior to their May 2 title fight.

Facing the dummy, Mayweather said: "So Manny, you out here telling people that I didn't win fair and square. That this little arm is messed up. Is that right? Huh? Talk to me."

He then slaps the dummy two times while saying "Stop lying."

I love having fun, joking and living life #SenseOfHumor

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After the fight, Pacquiao revealed he suffered a torn rotator cuff while training and that he reaggravated the injury during the bout. Although Pacquiao made it clear he wasn't trying to make excuses for his loss by unanimous decision, Mayweather wasn't happy with Pacquiao's comments.

In a tweet on May 5, Mayweather wrote, "19 years in the fight game and I've had one excuse: 'Don't have an excuse.' Winners win and losers have excuses."

Still, it seems Mayweather isn't really bothered by Pacquiao's comments anymore. Under his dummy-abusing video, he posted a caption stating, "I love having fun, joking and living life #senseofhumor."