Clueless Indians fans show up in redface to support team

These three Indians fans painted their faces red in support of their team.
(Jason Miller / Getty Images)

So, there I am, minding my own business watching the Indians-Rays game on TV on Wednesday when an image comes across the screen that is just unbelievable. Three Indians fans have painted their faces red to support their team.

Because, you see, Indians have red skins (Redskins? Where have I heard that before?) Add exaggerated eyes and mouth, and you have a pretty offensive display.

Yes, I get it. They are trying to portray lovable Indians mascot Chief Wahoo (himself a pretty offensive character).


The message I get is it is OK to be racially insensitive as long as your are doing it to Native Americans.

Can you imagine the outrage if the three guys had shown up in blackface to support their favorite team? Or if the team had a caricature of an African American as its mascot? Isn’t it time to stop this kind of stuff?

In fairness to the three Indians fans, I am sure they meant no harm. I am sure they just wanted to show their love for their team. What the Indians’ mascot and these three fans are making caricatures of are actual human beings. So, please, don’t dress up like this again.


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