Lindsey Vonn's other job -- selling lift tickets in Vail

The folks at Vail ski resort have posted an amusing video of Lindsey Vonn masquerading as an employee-in-training at a ticket window.

Wearing a baseball cap and dark-rimmed glasses, Vonn deals with unsuspecting guests, encouraging them to sing for special discounts and, at one point, speaking German with visitors from that country.


The Olympic gold medalist often mentions herself in the third person and commiserates with a man who said he recently injured his knee. She goes so far as telling one couple that her name is Lindsey.

"You're the other Lindsey," the man says.

Only one guest makes the connection, revealing that he dreams about her.

"Nice," she says. "That's super creepy."

A camera crew stops the people outside and lets them know about the stunt.

"That was Lindsey Vonn?" one man asks. "Can I go back in and say 'Hi' to her?"