Notre Dame is selling grass: chunks of turf from its football field

Got $150? You can buy a section of this field.
(Joe Raymond / Associated Press)

Notre Dame is selling grass.

Really. The school is offering 5-foot-by-2-foot chunks of the grass that is being removed from Notre Dame Stadium, which is installing artificial turf.

The cost is $149.95, including shipping -- a price set after considering a wide range of variables, according to the school. The patch even comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Notre Dame said it was selling the grass because fans of the Fighting Irish had “expressed the sentimental value the grass in Notre Dame Stadium holds for them.”


Sentimental over a 9-4 season? Well, at least the Fighting Irish were 5-1 at home in 2013.

Replacing the grass is part of a $400-million renovation project on the football stadium.

The natural grass will be removed from the stadium on Tuesday, and the school says it will be shipped to buyers on Wednesday.

But before you go to the Notre Dame website and buy, consider yourself warned:

“Since this is a live product,” the website cautions, “all sales are final and returns cannot be accepted.”